Domaine Ancely

The Domaine was begun in the 1970s by Bernard’s parents who began by replacing the lesser varietals with Grenache and Syrah. Punishment for the young Bernard when he was naughty was not to be allowed to go to the vineyards!

Divided into different plots of land by intersecting walls, the Domaine ANCELY is one of the smaller estates (now 20 hectares) producing wines from La Livinière, which is recognized as being one of the finest vineyards in the Minervois area. As with many Domains of this era, they worked with the local Co-op until Bernard took over fully in 2001 and started the transformation of the old cellar into a modern, more efficient operation, installing new vats, a de-stemmer, thermo-control and new pneumatic press. The stage was set for Bernard’s first harvest in 2002. Bernard’s main criteria in his winemaking:

He uses sustainable practices to maintain the integrity of the soil, and planting density of 5000 vines per hectare

Short training of the vines for the nourishment of the berries to be optimum

Green harvesting at the veraison (onset of ripening/change of grape color), followed by continuing removal of superfluous smaller grapes and leaves to maintain a low but optimal harvest volume around 40-45 hl/ha

Harvest is entirely by hand

Grapes are moved to the winery in small crates to avoid crushing, oxidation and to avoid premature fermentation starting.

After de-stemming the grapes are thermo-regulated and the fermentation time controlled according to the style of the harvest, followed by careful, slow pressing with continual checks

Minervois “La Muraille”. Syrah/Grenache/Carignan – vat-aged, grapes planted between 50-65 years ago. Colour deep purple, almost inky, but clear and bright. Nose of garrigue herbs and spices, touch of pepper and black cherry, and fresh acidity, with incredible balance of fruit, alcohol and beautifully integrated tannins, so it does not give the impression of being too powerful. Gorgeously enticing finish that stays.  5 year drinking horizon. Regular stars in Guide Hachette. The 2011 has garnered:  Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard 2013 wine guide & Bronze medal 2013 General Agricultural competition Paris