Domaine Francois Lumpp

Givry is a core part of the value area of the Cote Chalonnaise in Burgundy, which is just to the south of the more expensive Cote D’Or. This said, there is a small group of outstanding winemakers that are producing exceptional wines that can be favorably compared to significantly more expensive and renowned names just a few miles further North.

For over 20 years Francois Lumpp and wife Isabelle have been drivers of the growing reputation and quality in Givry. Their Domaine is small, with output bottled in the region of 40000 bottles, spread over 3 whites and 6 reds, nearly all 1er Cru. They are meticulous in their work in the vineyards, with special care taken of foliage, so that each vine has its leaves gently turned manually for optimal angle to the sun – and yes – that meticulous! While not Bio, the vineyards are cared for with minimal treatment only when essential. Harvest is entirely manual, into small cases to avoid oxidation and the grapes selected carefully on sorting tables before entering the cellars. Yields are by this definition, some of the lowest in the village. Cold soaking occurs before vinification and ageing is entirely in wood, with up to 40% in new oak, which is easily supported by the depth and quality of the fruit.

Lumpp’s hallmarks of crystalline purity and finesse are very much in evidence in the three 1er Cru Pinot Noirs that we have on offer. The La Brulee is a very recent elevation from village to 1er Cru status, and has style, elegance, and perfect weight and balance. A Vigne Rouge has more weight and depth, while the Crausot is a very complete and stylish wine that may take a year or longer to attain the same level of drinkability as the first two wines, due to its density and structure.

Francois Lumpp’s Pinots are some of the classiest available in Burgundy and are a tribute to the exemplary quality that can be found at the finest end of the Cote Chalonnaise.

Givry 1er Cru Rouge “La Brulee”
Givry 1er Cru Rouge “A Vigne”
Givry 1er Cru Rouge “Crausot”