Domaine Stephane Aladame

Stephane Aladame is the best grower in Montagny. His wines are far more precise, elegant, complex and age-worthy than those of his neighbors. Aladame’s wines are feminine in style, pretty and lacey, making them wonderful food wines. They are very pure mineral-driven expressions of chardonnay that possess a remarkable resemblance to Chablis.

Montagny is one of the four communes making up the Côte Chalonnaise (south of the Cote de Beaune) in Burgundy. It is the most southern appellation of the Chalonnaise and is made up of a beautiful series of horseshoe shaped hills with excellent exposures and perfect limestone and clay soils for growing chardonnay. The chardonnay from this area is rich, floral, and full of flavor, fuller bodied, even, than neighboring Rully. The Kimmeridgian clay in part of the area explains the distinct mineral component of these wines.

It’s such a perfect area for chardonnay, in fact, that only wines that are 100% chardonnay can be called Montagny; there is no red Burgundy from Montagny. Best of all, perhaps because there are no reds, Montagny remains under the radar of many Burgundy collectors so the prices are terrific for the quality of the wine

Stephane Aladame is the best grower in the area, making fantastic wines that those lucky few who have gotten to know Montagny seek out for their cellars or to accompany a special meal if they spot it on the wine list of a great restaurant.

  • He’s a young and progressive winemaker who started his small domaine (under 3000 cases per year) in 1992.
  • He is one of a handful of producers who are pushing the quality envelope of the area and starting to build Montagny’s reputation worldwide.
  • He’s rapidly becoming a star in France. His quality wines have been cited in France’s top journals: Hachette, Bettane, La Revue des Vins de France, and Bourgogne Aujour d’hui
  • His wines can be seen in nearly half the top Michelin 3 star restaurants in France.
  • 5 of his 6.5 hectares of vineyards are Montagny 1er Cru, the best vineyards of this special area.
  • He uses no chemical fertilizers, and is moving to complete organic viticulture.
  • The soil is worked continually throughout the growing season and yields are kept low with green harvesting and sorting at harvest time.
  • Aladame’s wines are particularly known for their precision and purity, which he achieves without adding any yeasts or enzymes.
  • Vinification is temperature controlled with only 30-40% of each wine seeing oak barrels.
  • In excellent Montagny vintages his wines achieve great richness and body to go with their trademark purity.

Montagny 1er Cru “Les Vignes Derriere”
Montagny 1er Cru “Le Vieux Chateau”
Montagny 1er Cru Cuvee Selection
Montagny 1er Cru


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