Mas Laval

Third generation vigneron Joel Laval owns and runs the 30 hectare Domaine of Mas Laval, situated in Aniane, in the Herault region of Southern France near to Montpellier. This is an area that produces copious quantities of “country” wine, but within which we can find some real gems. Joel has already established his reputation nationally in France, but is young enough not to have been “discovered” more widely – this is a future superstar of the area and we are delighted to be in at the beginning of what promises to be a viticultural adventure!

Laval’s vineyards are tended with minimal mechanical intervention, so as not to disturb the soil. Foliage is kept firmly under control, with green harvesting and only natural fertilizers used. Sorting tables are used at harvest time and a severe reduction occurs so that only the very best fruit goes into the final cuvee. This is followed by traditional vinification, using local, natural yeasts, followed by a 30 day average maceration period.

Mas Laval “Les Pampres”
Mas Laval Grand Cuvee